Home Visits – Exercise Physiology Sessions







We Offer Home Visits!

Home visits is another option that we offer our across all of our clinics. For clients who are unable to get to the clinic or are better working from home, we provide home visits, making use of body weight, resistance bands, and other applications for their programs within their homes. 

Home visits create the opportunity to receive the benefits of 1:1 EP service in the comfort and safety of your own home. The exercise prescription in a home visit is slightly different and usually focusses on training functional activities that are needed to complete activities of daily living. Equipment is provided and brought with your practitioner for each visit, to supplement the functional movements that don’t necessarily require any equipment.

Who would benefit from this the most?

This service is beneficial for our highest risk clientele, those whose medical, mental, or physical conditions confine them to their house, nursing home or hospital. This is an opportunity to provide important exercise intervention to those that need it the most.


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To enquire about home visits please call us on 0412 740 322.