The Benefits of Exercise in Arthritis Conditions

Arthritis is a much broader term that refers to 100 different musculoskeletal conditions, affecting the bones, joints and muscles. Despite  popular belief, arthritis isn’t always something that comes with age with statistics suggesting 2.4 million people suffering from the disease are of working age.

According to Arthritis Australia, research suggests early intervention can delay the onset of the disease and reduce complications and the pain that comes with osteoarthritis. Part of an early intervention plan, particularly with reference to osteoarthritis, is prescribed exercise under the supervision of an exercise physiologist and/or physiotherapist. Exercise is proven as the most effective non-pharmaceutical drug for the condition with results including, improved flexibility, strength and endurance.

The pain and stiffness caused by musculoskeletal conditions may lead some people to abstain from exercise thinking it will hurt the joints and muscle, however the right types of exercise, will in fact reduce pain and stiffness and increase range of movement.

Hydrotherapy for Arthritis 

Hydrotherapy and most water based exercise is the perfect choice for arthritis sufferers, offering low impact cardio exercise and the freedom to move in a warm, joint friendly environment. It also offers socialisation with most hydrotherapy performed in groups of people with similar health conditions. Learn more about our Hydrotherapy programs here or you can download an information sheet from Arthritis Australia on the benefits of water based exercise