What is Dietetics?

A dietician is an expert in dietetics; the study of human nutrition and the regulation of diet. A dietician alters their patient’s nutrition based upon their medical condition and individual needs and are regulated health professionals, trained to assess and diagnose nutritional problems and help people improve their quality of life through diet.


Meet Our Dietician- Rebekka Frazer (APD, AccSD)

RebekkaRebekka completed her Masters of Dietetics Studies at The University of Queensland, graduating in July 2014.  She is passionate about all things health and fitness and loves seeing clients make small changes over time to achieve optimum health and wellbeing in the long term.

Rebekka is a generalist private practice dietitian and can help with the nutritional management of a range of conditions but she also has a keen interest in gut health and loves helping clients with the nutritional management of coeliac disease and IBS.  She is experienced in the application of a low FODMAP diet for medically diagnosed IBS.

Rebekka is also an Accredited Sports Dietitian, working with recreational and elite athletes to optimise their nutrition around training sessions as they work towards their performance goals.

When Rebekka is not working, you’ll find her in the gym, hiking in the outdoors or experimenting with new recipe ideas in the kitchen.


  • BCom
  • BSc
  • Masters of Dietetic Studies
  • ISAK Level 1 Anthropometrist
  • Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist
  • Accredited Sports Dietitian with Sports Dietitians Australia


NAH Diabetes Program 

Northside Allied Health’s multidisciplinary diabetes program is specifically designed for the treatment of diabetes and includes:

  • 10 week program
  • 1 – 2 group exercise sessions per week
  • Individual Dietetics sessions included (EPC referral required)
  • Each patient will undergo an Initial and final individual health and fitness assessment
  • Sessions are held in a friendly and social group setting with other patients who are there for the same condition
  • Your Exercise Physiologist will take you through every step in your personalized program.

Diabetes is characterized by an excess of glucose (sugar) in the blood. This sugar reacts with blood vessels, organs and the brain causing the complications associated with diabetes. It is the job of Insulin to lower the glucose in the blood.

This excess glucose arises because the body starts to ignore insulin, because it is always there attempting to bring the blood glucose down. Eventually more and more insulin is necessary to get the same effect on the blood glucose causing the body burn out and stop producing insulin.

Currently, diabetic medications are used to make the body more sensitive to insulin, so the body doesn’t have to produce as much. Once the body “burns out”, insulin must be injected into the body to lower blood glucose levels.

Why Exercise Can be More Effective Than Medication!

Exercise has shown to be more effective than medication in most instances. Exercise makes the body more sensitive to insulin, and even lowers blood glucose without insulin for hours after exercise. There are no negative side effects of exercise, and too many positive ones to list!

Exercise is only part of the treatment for diabetes, nutrition plays a key role in reducing the glucose load on the body so blood glucose can be reduced long term and consistently.

Eating the wrong foods may derail your efforts in the gym, so we aim to give you the knowledge, therefore the power to monitor foods and modify your nutrition to your needs.

Our experienced and professional Dietician will be involved in group presentations and individual sessions as needed.

Meet Our Team

Our Multidisciplinary Team includes:

  • Exercise Physiology
  • Dietetics
  • Chronic Health Management (including specialised Cancer programs)
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy (offsite)
  • Psychology (offsite)

Hunter Valley Team

Accredited Exercise Physiologists Amy Harding & Cameron Linton

Morayfield Team

Accredited Exercise Physiologists & Administration Support

Eloise Sypott

Our New AEP at Morayfield

Our Team of Accredited Exercise Physiologist along with our team of allied health professionals take a holistic approach, not only considering your physical health but your emotional, social and psychological wellbeing to ensure that together we achieve the very best outcome for you.

Some Words From Our Clients

Diabetes Management
“Northside Allied Health helped me reduce my Blood Glucose from ~10 back to pre-diabetic levels, and I got off my medication!” — Barry
Chronic Disease Management
“Since I have been coming to the veterans exercise sessions I have lost 22kgs.  As a result I am no longer a type 2 diabetic, I also have Parkinson’s Disease and the exercises that I am doing gave me more flexibility.  The staff are always welcoming and willing to listen to my various problems concerning my mobility.”
Russel Beynon
With a committed team you can achieve your dream!
“Just a few words to express my sincere thanks to you and your staff. As you are aware when I first started attending the Veterans classes with you I was overweight with high blood pressure and Type 2 Diabetes. I have now lost 11kgs, my blood glucose levels have now dropped to a daily average reading of 5.3 and my blood pressure is at an acceptable level. My daily medication has now been halved. Thank you Liz and your staff.”
Des Cooper