Type 2 Diabetes Program – Classes Every Tuesday!

NAH are proud to offer an 8 week Medicare funded (no cost to you) diabetes exercise and education program. Individual exercise sessions are funded and are also available under a ‘Chronic Disease Management plan’ (maximum x 4, 20 minute visits). The program is facilitated by a 4 year university qualified clinical exercise physiologist and an accredited dietician to ensure a well-rounded program for our clients. The safe and friendly environment with exercise physiologists and dieticians who really understand diabetes makes achieving your health goals achievable. Operating from our Morayfield and Wagga Wagga clinic, the friendly group program is progressive, educational and physical and includes:

  • 8 week exercise, education and dietetics based program
  • 1 – 2 group exercise sessions per week
  • Individual Dietetics sessions included (EPC referral required) with information on diet, food choices and monitoring blood glucose levels
  • Each patient will undergo an Initial and final individual health and fitness assessment
  • Sessions are held in a friendly and social group setting with other patients who are there for the same condition
  • Podiatry foot care talks
  • Health and Exercise education
  • Your Exercise Physiologist will take you through every step in your personalized program.

The Benefits of Exercise for Diabetics 

Exercise has shown to be more effective than medication in most instances. Exercise makes the body more sensitive to insulin, and even lowers blood glucose without insulin for hours after exercise. There are no negative side effects of exercise, and too many positive ones to list.

Diabetes is characterized by an excess of glucose (sugar) in the blood. This sugar reacts with blood vessels, organs and the brain causing the complications associated with diabetes. It is the job of Insulin to lower the glucose in the blood.

This excess glucose arises because the body starts to ignore insulin, because it is always there attempting to bring the blood glucose down. Eventually more and more insulin is necessary to get the same effect on the blood glucose causing the body burn out and stop producing insulin.

Currently, diabetic medications are used to make the body more sensitive to insulin, so the body doesn’t have to produce as much. Once the body “burns out”, insulin must be injected into the body to lower blood glucose levels.


Class Times

Tuesday: 11:30am – 12:30pm

Wagga Wagga
Tuesday 2:30pm – 3:30pm


Learn more about diabetes on our blog https://nsah.wpengine.com/importance-checking-blood-glucose-levels-type-2-diabetes/

Medicare Eligibility

About Eligibility and Medicare Funding 

Patients who have a chronic health condition (for example diabetes) are eligible to a maximum of 4 allied health services per calendar year covered by medicare. The 4 allied health services can be made up of one type of services or a combination of services.

In addition to the rebatable chronic health services available, patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are also eligible for up to 8 exercise physiology services per calendar year. 

Group programs are not limited to diabetes individuals! We offer other group programs at the clinic for a variety of chronic health issues under a variety of payment schemes. 

More info on medicare funding:

Fact Sheet – Group Allied Health Services – Type 2 Diabetes – Provider Info

CDM Referral Form for Allied Health Services under Medicare

FAQs for Doctors & Referring Clinicians

Q1.What is Northside Allied Health’s Type 2 Diabetes Program?

A weekly exercise and type two diabetes education clinic run by a Dietician, Podiatrist,  Pharmacist and Exercise Physiologist. The program consists of 1 hour sessions; 15 minutes of education and 45 minutes of exercise held over 8 weeks. Patients are provided with an  additional two weeks at the end of the program for missed session. A long term exercise program is provided to patients at the conclusion of the program.


Q2. What rebates are patients eligible for through Medicare

The referral form that your patient needs is called: ’Referral form for Group Allied Health Services under Medicare’. Your clinic has been sent this form. Patients are eligible for one of these 8 weeks group entitlements a year in addition to chronic disease management entitlements. 


Q3. When can my patients do this program?

Northside Allied Health run four T2DM groups a year that have already been scheduled for 2018. Your clinic has been sent the dates for these as well as the cut off dates for referrals. Please be aware these groups have a 12 person maximum and fill up quickly.


Q4. What does the program aim to achieve for type 2 diabetes patients?

This program aims to educate people with Type Two diabetes on diabetic lifestyle change to improve their condition. We aim to reduce blood glucose levels, reduce BMI, reduce other metabolic factors such as blood pressure and cholesterol, educate patients on T2DM lifestyle modifications and enable the client to achieve long term exercise habits and adherence.


Q5. Where is the program held?

The program is held from our Morayfield Clinic which operates from Genesis Morayfield.

gymnasium: 295 Morayfield Road Morayfield. 

Ph: 0412 740 322 Fax: 07 5302 0730

2018 Program Dates

Northside Allied Health’s Type 2 Diabetes Program will run 8 weeks at a time from Morayfield clinic, commencing on the following dates:

6th February 2018 

17th April 2018 

3rd July 2018 

18th September 2018 

6th November 2018