Athlete Development Program

The Athlete Development Program has been developed by Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Liz Dawson who works with schools, sports clubs, amateur and professional athletes developing customise programs that focus on strength and conditioning and the prevention of injury. With a  strong educational component to the program the program is suitable for all ages and levels to assist sporting teams and individual athletes to achieve their sporting goals. The program has several stages with assessments to measure success at each stage and can be tailored to the individuals needs.  

Founder, Elizabeth Dawson has developed the NAH Strength & Conditioning program based on her personal experience as an amateur triathlete and Iron-Women as well as her experience with school aged athletes. The progressive program has distinct stages of assessments along the way allowing the Exercise Physiologist to gauge the development of each athlete and individualise the program based on needs and ability. The program is broken into the following stages; 

  • Pre-assessment (pre season)
  • Foundational strength (core stability and base strength) 6 weeks 
  • Re – assessment 
  • Strength & conditioning – 2 sessions per week focusing on functional strength & power and conditioning (inclusive of self management techniques of injuries). 6-8weeks – (in season)
  • Re- assessment 

 Each athlete is provided with a tailor made program they can access online or via an app, with a personalise login enabling the Exercise Physiologist to track progress and draw on strengths and weaknesses, with the aim of injury prevention. 

The program also contains an educational component to teach the athlete what to do in the event of an injury and can be extended for athletes with longer term goals.  

How an Exercise Physiologist Can Help you Achieve your Sporting Goals

  • Improve Strength and conditioning pre-season
  • Encourage unity of teams
  • Motivate the mind and body
  • Make training measurably
  • Analyse and correct faulty movement to reduce injury

Our Team

Our Multidisciplinary Team includes:

  • Exercise Physiology
  • Dietetics
  • Chronic Health Management (including specialised Cancer programs)
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy (offsite)
  • Psychology (offsite)

Hunter Valley Team

Accredited Exercise Physiologists Amy Harding & Cameron Linton

Morayfield Team

Accredited Exercise Physiologists & Administration Support

Eloise Sypott

Our New AEP at Morayfield

Our Team of Accredited Exercise Physiologist along with our team of allied health professionals take a holistic approach, not only considering your physical health but your emotional, social and psychological wellbeing to ensure that together we achieve the very best outcome for you.