Returned Services Rehabilitation

Northside Allied Health offer specialised programs for returned services veterans, taking a holistic approach with a program that focuses on physical, emotional and mental health.

With a strong community based feel we run programs for both individuals and groups, from all stages of return, from service to rehabilitate. Our programs focus on musculoskeletal, chronic disease management and mental health. Bulk billing is available based on clinical necessity with relevant D904 drs referral. Download the DVA referral form here D904 referral

How can our team of Exercise Physiologists help you?

Physical Health is vital to your mental health and your overall quality of life. There are a number of benefits to a daily routine of exercise and balanced nutrition.

Exercise can help you to:

  • prevent chronic diseases like heart disease, type diabetes and certain types of cancer,
  • maintain a healthy weight,
  • strengthen your heart and lungs,
  • improve your sleeping patterns,
  • improve your sex life, and
  • have fun and socialise.

Most people want to improve their health but find it hard to get started. Our team at Northside Allied Health can get you started and keep you going on the path to new life long habits.

Changing your routine to improve your health can be challenging. We can give you the skills to improve and sustain your health and wellbeing by giving you practical information and access to specialist advice and training.

How Do I Register?

Ph: 0412 740 322
Fax: 5302 0730
Email: [email protected]


Some Words From Our Clients

Returned Services Rehabilitation
“I am a Vietnam Veteran and have been with Northside Allied Health (NAH) since its inception in Morayfield.  I have several medical conditions including heart disease, obesity, diabetes, depression and anxiety. NAH provided total support, developing a care plan to perfectly fit all my physical and mental needs, ever changing as my conditions improved and stabilised.” Read more about Peter’s story on our blog
Allen Kirkman