With a fabulous new location, Northside Allied Health Morayfield, are setting the bar high with an amazing array of group and specialty classes now available. Come along for a free trial during our Open Day Tuesday 4th September. Timetable below:






New Group Classes & Programs

Pilates Plus

Strength, Power & Balance for Women 50+. At Northside Allied Health we are all about empowering people to strive for optimal health, no matter your age. Pilates Plus is a balance and strengthening program, specifically tailored for women aged 50+.

Facilitated by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, from our Morayfield clinic. The program focuses on improving balance, agility and strength, responding to the specific physical needs of women 50+.


Back Yourself

Statistics show nearly every person will experience lower back pain in their lives. The effects of back pain can restrict and affect our activities of daily living (ADLs) or linger in the background. Knowledge is power, and understanding what is happening with your lower back problem is important to know how you can best manage it and function with less or no pain.

Facilitated by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, this program focuses on the education of the lower back and delivers the fundamental basic core building blocks of lumbar stability. The program enables lower back pain sufferers to gain control and have a progressive plan to work on their specific lower back situation.



Amazingly Metabolic conditions can be significantly improved if not reversed with lifestyle modifications through diet and exercise. The combination of weight loss and exercise produce the best outcomes improving blood glucose levels, blood lipid levels and blood pressure almost instantaneously. Metfit is a Metabolic conditioning class run by Exercise Physiologists to work on prevention, management and cure of these conditions and their effects.


Mummy & Tummy Pilates

Regaining control & confidence on your postpartum journey while bonding with your baby.

This program is perfect for brand new mums, spend time with our postnatal and paediatric Pilates guru taking you through Pilates exercises for mum, tummy time and developmental exercises for bubs while catching up with other mums and bonding with your baby.




Accredited Exercise Physiology (AEP) Specialised Programs

Prehab & Performance
Often overlooked or forgotten, pre-habilitation (laying a foundation) is often an unutilised weapon for gaining more and performing better. This Q&A session looks into some of the contributing factors of how correct prehab is never too late to enter into. Weather it is a niggling pain or you are struggling to achieve that next phase in training/performance, prehab could be a step back into your training. We can show you how one step back can be three steps forward.

Submax VO2 Test

Find out where your fitness is at, where you want to go and how to get there with one of our Exercise Physiologists in this session. Josh will take you through a typical submax VO2 assessment and how you can analyse and use it to track your progress.

How strong is your core?

Core strength is not about flat chiseled abs but about endurance, control and muscle sequencing. But how do you get that perfect core recruitment? Come and see Liz our clinical Pilates Instructor and AEP and get an assessment on getting neutral spine and recruiting your deep core muscles and find out how strong your core really is. Book in to one of our 15mins time slots for your own personalised core strength test.

Shoulder function 101

For any weight lifter, cross fitter, body builder or gym goer seldom do you find someone that has not had a shoulder niggle. Come to our shoulder function session and learn where your shoulder function is at, what is holding you back and how to prevent injuries and increase performance.