Heart Health- A Veterans’ & Peacekeepers’ Health & Fitness Program

What is the Heart Health Program?

The Heart Health Program aims to help you increase your physical health and wellbeing through practical exercise, nutrition and lifestyle management support.  It is a 52 week program and includes physical activity sessions each week that are tailored to meet your needs and 12 health educational seminars.

Northside Allied Health currently run the  programme from various clinics across QLD and NSW including: Morayfield, Kilcoy, Wagga and Penrith

The program covers a range of topics including setting healthy goals, eating well, lowering alcohol consumption, sleep, stress management, diabetes, taking care of your body, managing your weight and maintaining a healthy heart.

The program is offered in two formats – the Heart Health Group Program and the Individual Heart Health Program.

Why Should I register for the Heart Health Program?

Physical Health is vital to your mental health and your overall quality of life. There are a number of benefits to a daily routine of exercise and balanced nutrition.

Exercise can help you to:

  • prevent chronic diseases like heart disease, type diabetes and certain types of cancer,
  • maintain a healthy weight,
  • strengthen your heart and lungs,
  • improve your sleeping patterns,
  • improve your sex life, and
  • have fun and socialise.

Most people want to improve their health but find it hard to get started. Registering for Heart Health gets you started and keeps you going on the path to new life long habits.

Changing our routine to improve our health can be challenging. The Heart Health Program gives you the skills to improve and sustain you health and wellbeing by giving you practical information and access to specialist advice and training.

Heart Health Group Program

This program is delivered in groups of approximately 10-15.  The group meets at a designated gym for weekly activity sessions and educational seminars.  Experienced exercise and health professionals provide the participants with a structured and supervised fitness training schedule.

Individual Heart Health Program

Veterans and peacekeepers living in rural, remote and outer metropolitan areas can access the Heart Health Program via the correspondence version of the program. It has similar support to the regular program that is provided by telephone or e-mail..

The Individual Heart Health Program is delivered via correspondence over a 12-month period with participants having their own tailored physical activity program and health education modules.  Participants are supported by their GP, a Program Coordinator and a Health Consultant, who guide participants through the program.

The Individual Heart Health Program provides the veteran community more flexible access to information and education to give them the tools they need to improve their physical health and ultimately, to enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle. 


The Heart Health Program is open to all veterans and peacekeepers who have not previously participated in a Heart Health Program. All participants are required to get a medical clearance from their General Practitioner prior to beginning the program.

How Do I Register?

Ph: 0412 740 322
Fax: 5302 0730
Email: [email protected]